How to setup Horago Print Client

How to setup Horago Print Client

If your Point-of-Sales system doesn't allow for 3rd party integrations, Horago has created a unique software that allows us to connect directly to the already installed printers at your venue. This allows Horago to split orders and print food in the kitchen and beverages at the bar.

The setup is very simply, and is as following:

1. Determine which operating system your device are running on (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.).

2. Download the install wizard from one of the following link according to the operating system on your device:
- For other operatings systems, check Other Useful Links in the bottom.

3. Run the Install Wizard

4. Login with the login credentials found in your account at: -> Options -> Printer App Credentials
Useful tip: Copy/paste the login credentials

5. Go to: -> Options -> Printers. Verify the printer have been located. You can edit the printers name, create settings, and specify where items should go (kitchen/bar). 

6. Setup print mapping at: -> Options -> Print Action Mapping. Create and select the event, action and printer. Once saved, you print setup has been completed.

To see how to use tags for menu and print setup, go to our How to use Tags article.

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